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Eduin WordPress theme- for an Online course is a multi-purpose, high-quality eLearning WordPress LMS (Learning management system) for teachers, instructors, personal Instructor, education centre, Coaching centre, Training Center, Courses Hub, academy etc to create and manage your own online course website.

It is the next generation and one of the best education WordPress themes around, containing all the strength of eLearning WP but with a better UI/UX which is outstandingly powerful, smart learning management system based on WordPress platform in which courses, lessons, quizzes, and questions are easily made and managed.

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You can share your knowledge over the world for free or can get some revenue by selling them. It can be a selling platform for other teachers to keep their courses on your website for selling with a percentage basis between you and them. So you can earn easily and get revenue from other teachers. (Note: Percentage basis earning system supports our theme but this system doesn’t include in this theme. If anyone wants to include this system need to contact us.)

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Eduin education WP theme offers you the best LMS experience ever, with a super friendly UX and complete eLearning features. It is easy to use with no coding knowledge required while providing the best education website design with our proper theme HTML and video documentation that helps to create an outstanding, stunning, beautiful and amazingly lightweight website for you. This theme uses the appropriate light colour which provides less amount of colour radiation thus save your eyes when visiting the site can maximize visiting time of users. Also, it has available unlimited colour. So you can choose your desired colour for better looking as you wish.

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Course filter: It has an awesome course filter by which you can filter your course as you wish. Like the featured course, Free course, On sale course, favourite course, category wise filtering, price range filtering etc.

Course Single layout One: This layout for general course description Where you can read an overview of this course, course features, Course feedback, read in details online, participate in quizzes, also check your skill by giving MCQ test, show your result.

Course Single layout Two: It is for personal instructor where he/she can show his course overview, syllabus, admission deadline, booking price with online booking. After booking, students will attend the batch of this instructor. (Like Offline live course)

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